Our Personal Journey


Every day we make hundreds of decisions… big and small
What can help us to make a correct decision?
We will learn how to examine our priorities and make the correct decision

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Exemplary Society

Hesed Day

Learning to give. The students will look outside
of themselves, towards their communities and
discover the satisfaction of giving to others.

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Bnei Mitzvah

סיור לתלמידים בבית כנסת - סיור בית כנסת בר מצוה - סיור בית כנסת בת מצוה

Synagogue Day

Visiting a synagogue we will learn about our traditions and religious symbols
Through games, songs and stories we will learn about our roots and culture

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Jewish Calendar


Why is it so hard to ask forgiveness?
How can we forgive others and ourselves?
Looking inside of ourselves and learning to forgive

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Life Online

Life Online

Recognizing the power of the social networks
What are the consequences of publishing a post about someone?
We will learn from the students’ own experience about correct behavior on the networks

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National Identity

Mount Herzel Tour

At Israel’s National Cemetery, the burial place of prominent national figures
and fallen soldiers, we discuss the Jewish State and how it was envisioned

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זהות יהודית - פעילות לתלמידי בתי ספר

Judaism & Identity

Judaism — to whom does it belong?
What is my connection to it personally and nationally?
We will examine our individual and national identity

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